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State of the Guild Update

Andresyn / Jul 07, 2016

First and foremost, let me officially state what a great honor it has been to be the newest guild officer. I appreciate the trust put in me, and hope to work towards keeping the guild a friendly and enjoyable place to be. With that being said, I have some important announcements to make on behalf of the other officers.

As of today, and for an indeterminate amount of time, our guild leader and good friend Eldor will be away due to a family emergency. He has full intentions of returning and continuing to care for the guild, but in the meantime he must understandably step away. Feel free to send him kind words. In addition, our other leaders, officers Fi and Kai will be away for a lengthy amount of time as well.

In light of these absences, I will be handling official guild matters for the time being. If you wish to reach me, you may do so via this site, or our guild's official Skype chat. (You can message me here for an invite to the chat.) I would prefer private matters be discussed on the site, but if requested I can share my Skype information as well. My availability will be often, but infrequent, due to my job's irregular schedule. But I am almost always present Monday and Friday nights, and most weekday afternoons. Message me any time!


With those announcements made, it's time we discuss the game itself. Many members are participating in the Dark vs. Light event, and therefore have many new characters and classic content they wish to work through. Whether it be leveling, flashpoints, pvp, world bosses, or operations... It's a prime opportunity for us to group together and accomplish achievements as a guild! I encourage active discussions to arrange teams to complete our goals. To that end, Zayse is setting up a Heroics Group here. It's a good way to level quickly and earn lots of credits!

Concerning the Mondaylorian Group, with three members away, there will be a postponement in advancing through HM ops. That being said, I propose making the night dedicated to tackling HM flashpoints. (This can be debated among group members, as it's merely a suggestion.) This night will still give the group's core members' priority, but others are more than welcome to sign up, sub in, and assist, or even just hang out!

Thursday night's Mr. Group is still running operations, supported by Zayse. Wednesdays and Fridays are open for tackling conquest missions, or whatever those present decide. They can also be a good time to enjoy the game with the guild. Saturdays are still Imperial-faction focused. If anyone is interested in arranging something on one of these nights, or at a different time, feel free to ask!

That's all the news I have for today. If you have any questions concerning anything in this news post, please comment below or message me. I'll do my best to answer them. Hope everyone is having a good summer! I look forward to seeing you all in game. May the Force be with you!

- Andresyn


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