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Hello from the Dark Side, and NEW OFFICER HAS APPEARED!

Fireheart / Mar 05, 2016

As of the most recent guild meeting, we officially have a weekly Imperial Operations Night every Saturday at 9:00 pm Eastern!

This op night will be just like our Friday night op; it will be laid back with no set group or requirements, just fun! So please be sure to go HERE to sign up for our first one!

I am ECSTATIC to announce that Andre has joined the Officer ranks! Over the past few weeks, Andre has really stepped up and put a lot of effort into helping the guild in many ways, and he has more than earned his new rank. So if you see him, be sure to say grats!!! <3

We hope to see you guys around soon <3 Til then, may the force be with you!


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BTW, click the pic ;D
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