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Welcome to the Home of The Heroes of The Republic/Empire
Thanks for stopping by to take a look at our website. We're a casual guild, and we really only have one rule: parties are serious business, because we love to have fun. We're always looking to bring in new people, new to the game or seasoned veterans, f2p or subscriber, casual or hardcore, who are looking to play SWTOR in a fun environment. If you like what you see, feel free to apply, and we look forward to talking to you soon.
Eldor / Sep 25, 2017
The first day I took over this guild, I thought of the few of us that were together as just that, a group of friends that would get online from time to time to play some games and have fun, and then just go on and live our lives away from this virtual place. As time went on, I watched everyone grow closer and noticed that we all spent a lot of time together and enjoyed each other's company. In the last year or so, I've seen something I never expected, we all started to really care for each other and treat our fellow guildies like they are as important as ourselves. We have involved our families and friends from our "real" world, and enriched this little community even further. Today, I see our guild as more of a family than simply just a guild. We are all so close-knit and involved in each others' lives that to call us anything less than family doesn't feel right. But that makes our recent losses that much more painful. While we were aware Ceaver's health was declining, I think it's fair to say that none of us were expecting to lose her so suddenly, or so soon. Her presence with us was always one of mischief and playfulness, and the situation with her health gave her a deep appreciation of life that she always tried to impart on all of us. And as if one wasn't hard enough, we now have another painful loss with Drak's passing. Drak has been a member of our family for such a long time, and was always willing to help out and make jokes, and just be a smiling face among friends.

Our family is forever changed for the better for having had the privilege of these two wonderful people among us. I do not believe any of us can ever truly be ready to lose the people we love, and I don't think any of us were expecting things to happen as they have. But while I know we are all hurting, I hope we are all able to carry on their lights in our hearts and lean on each other for comfort. Please give your love and support to Kane and Loeci, and to each other during these hard times, and keep the memory of our friends alive in the heart of our guild.
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